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I made the front page! My hometown paper did a special section that featured the growth of CleoAndMe Patterns!
Cleo And Me Patterns, Inc

Growing up as part of a large family, my parents kept their brood of five children busy with a constant supply of paper, paint and all the trimmings. My father was a commercial artist and it was a treat to be the lucky child to visit his office in the city. I loved to sit at his large drawing table and color on big sheets of paper while he worked. My mother was mostly a stay-at-home Mom, but for a while she taught preschool. She would always ask me to design her bulletin board and help her with the prep work for all those busy little fingers.

Here's a pic of my booth at Spring Market in Kansas City 2005.

This is a pic of my booth at Fall Market in 2006.

Creating, crafting and art have followed me though my entire life. I even married an advertising art director! I now realize the gift my parents left with us was the wonderful gift of creativity. After participating in craft shows the past 20 years, I found that my own designs were the ones people were most interested in. Starting my own company as been a big step and an exciting new adventure. Ever since Cleo joined our family she has inspired us, entertained us and often pops up in my patterns! We hope you enjoy visiting our web site and find a pattern that will melt your heart. Thank you for your support.

Love, Barbie Jo, Cleo and Daisy

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